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I like how you personalized this time in history. Good idea for the topic.
Right on topic and a piece of history too! Very creatively done.
This was really good! I love history, but I have to admit, the Red Scare is something I know very little about. Your writing brought it to life for me.

My favorite line: "Wally’s name on a script is like a roast in the oven to producers. They can just smell the money rolling in." So descriptive!

Great writing!
I really enjoyed this little jot back into history. It gave me quite a bit to think about.
What a mind full! This has always been an interesting time in history to me, though I'm not as familiar with it as you ;-)

The last line - punchy! Great writing
Interesting take on the topic. Keep writing!
Rachel, your ability to immerse yourself into 'another time/place' is remarkable. You do it so well. Good writing indeed.
You put a "face" on a bad period of America's history .Well written
I enjoyed this a lot. Your MC had a really good voice, and I liked how you fit this period of history in with the topic. I might have felt more for Wally if you'd showed him getting taken by the police, but I think it's good as it is. Great job!
You pulled it off...I remember reading in one of your comments on another that you weren't for sure how to combine "gossip" and "history" (your favorite genre). You not only pulled it off, this was educational, well-written and thought-provoking. Good job!