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What a command of the English language this MC has! I read it out loud and my tongue had fun with all the words and phrasings. Rather scary message but may be all too true.
Great story with excellent grasp of the english language. I have a feeling that C.S. Lewis would appreciate this one.
I agree with previous comments--really, really scary and really, really well written.
SO much I like about this, I can't list it all. The intelligent voice of the Monseigneur exudes an aura of diabolical deception. LOVE IT!
Next up -- an attack upon FaithWriters. Scary!
How silicon you get????
But seriously, you've highlighted the dark side of what we use so easily; with so many evil options readily available with the next click on the mouse.
Clear and Present Danger, very well expressed.
This one is so clever and absolutely right on. Great job.
Scary, and right on topic. Good job!
This will give me nightmares tonight as it likely should. It is a scary world that we are living in. Thankfully, I know Jesus is at my side and I will work hard to keep Him there while simultaneously encouraging my family and friends to seek him out as well.

As always your work is a masterpiece. You always give the reader much to ponder while throwing in little jewels like iChip666. Outstanding writing!
I, too, see the CS Lewis shadow here it. To me it reads like his "Screwtape Letters" Excellent job with the voice and its message.
He changed his name from Mephistopheles because too many people have read Faust : ) How funny. Sigh, but do they understand? I think your contemporary work here, will certainly help to garner that understanding. Well done, indeed!
A very educational, eye-opening read. It was intersting enough to keep me reading from beginning to end. Good job. A unique voice.
Congratulations for placing 14th in level 4 and 23rd overall!