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This very creative poem made me feel the longing of Tammy, even more than having her mole covered up, to have a real friend to communicate with her. This was "real." (I'm just glad the e-mail didnt say "If you don't send this on, you don't love Jesus!"
Creative piece for sure. Skillful writing, good use of topic, entertaining, sad and yet fun at the same time. Very well done.
A mixtre of emotions created here. Great job, I enjoyed the creativity of the presentation and the masterful way it was pulled off and the message comunicated and ministered. Great job.
This is a pleasurable read! You are always so good at writing a story within a poem.
Poor Tammy:( You really made us feel sad for her. Awesome writing, as always. Very creative.
It's funny what we'll do when something bothers us. Tammy's mole fixation made me smile. Good job!
A molecular masterpiece. Very enjoyable.
This was a really cute poem that gave me a nice chuckle.
Beth, I think this is your best work ever! Such a creative approach to the topic and the challenge, and, though I can't name the types of poetry, I recognize the talent necessary to seamlessly combine so many examples of well written verse. EXCELLENT! :-)
Beth, I am in awe of your poetic talent yet again. Such fun and such a smooth read. Great!
Sigh, hope spring eternal - and there always is that delete option. I think you captured not the angst(too subtle a word here), but the true, deep sorrow of those who try (in vain) to boost their "ego" by use of the internet and -mails.
BTW, I really liked the cat too and that he was a Manx only made it that much more a believable companion to your MC)
A very creative rhyimg poem. It was great fun to read about Tammy and her cat, but also saddening. The internet seems to promise many things to many people, but it cannot mend or make whole broken hearts. God bless your writing.
Congratulations for placing 12th in level 4 and 16th overall!
What a gift you have! 'Cuse me, I have to run out for some kitty litter.