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Oh, yes! This story is GOOOOOOOOOD! I'm still feeling it down deep. I haven't experienced what this MC has but have walked with dear friends who have. If this is a true story I'm so glad the MC found on-line support just when she most needed it. Thank God for the way He uses the internet for His purposes!
This story does an excellent job of showing the disappointment and grief of the MC, as well as the bond that appears from cyber communication with others who share the reason for her sadness.
I have walked in these shoes. The emotions were presented well here, and I felt them sincerely.

I was touched deeply by this piece.

(btw: years later I gave birth to a son, then a daughter. It was the birth of my beautiful healthy son which tore open the heavens and made me see for the first time in my life that there existed something beyond man. It would take nine more years, for I am a stubborn one, but my journey would lead straight into the arms of my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ).

Congratulations on your well-deserved placing.
You tugged on my heartstrings. This was written with such love and feeling. Congratulations on your EC