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Haha, I saw the ending coming, but it was a great trip. Isn't it so easy to miss the point of evangelism in our rush for glamour?
Touche! Great story.
Ouch! Is there a lesson in here for competitive FaithWriters? I better get my toes back under the pew. Well done.
I like this. Just bringing them to church isn't bringng them to Christ. Great job.
Excellent--a fun read and a wonderful message, too.
This was fun to read. I liked how you demonstrated how they forgot what the real purpose of the bet was not to bring the most members to church but to bring the most souls to heaven!

Read ink when Kevin's phone rings you used answer instead of answered. I'm sure you've probably spotted it yourself but I think this story could do great in other markets so I thought I'd point it out in case you have more plans for it.

Great message and I so enjoyed the characters!
ah, good one! enjoyed the banter and the conclusion.
What a great idea. I love where it ended, but also felt the last sentence was unnecessary. We knew they made a mess of it without it being said. Still, excellent writing with some really fun characters.
I loved this one! Great story and unique take on the topic.
Yes, Virgil, one of our recent threads broached the topic of competition. This piece underscored it. Love the not-so-subtle message.

Sometimes we forget that we're on the same team. Thanks for a fun reminder.
Yay for Bud! He knew what was truly important. :)

I like how you countered the competitive humor with the truth that numbers in church don't matter unless it's how many people are sincerely deciding to follow Jesus.

Awesome job! I greatly enjoyed the characters.
Great story with a wonderful lesson as well. I enjoyed your characterization, the competition and the lesson learned.
I for one, liked the last line. Loved your title too.
A pleasant and light heartening read, much like a 'battle' between two churches. So much for overly creative approach to evangelism! It ought to be ‘Who’ and not ‘what’ that should draw the crowd. I enjoyed the reading thoroughly. Excellent work!
Yahoo!!! :D Editor's Choice again! Awesome job! ;)
And well done to you too for your EC win. I liked your line about Jezebel.
I knew this was a good piece. Congratulations on your EC!
I loved your story progression and your message. Excellent work. Congratulations on your Editor's Choice award!