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Wow, I love that analogy of the third side of the coin. I don't understand what misinformation the MC printed that could have caused three deaths. Just another little sentence about that might help make things less confusing. Otherwise great job!
You did a great job of showing the reporter's remorse. I liked the story of the third side of the coin. It really worked for the message.
What a great simile. I've never thought of it quite like that before. There is more I'd love to know about your MC but it isn't necessary to the story. It just says I want to keep reading about her.
I agree that I was a bit confused as to what the reporter could have done that would result in three deaths, but the writing was incredible. Excellent characterization.
This is a tear-jerker. Very well written, would have done well for the gossip/rumors topic too.
Very descriptive and realistic emotional profiling here. Around the middle I thought we were in an update of the first Easter, but it didn't seem to continue in that direction.
I was intrigued by the title - to coin a phrase.
Your story flowed really well and kept me reading. I definitely loved the title and the coin analogy. Great job!
Nicely written with an interesting slant. I wanted to know more, but you gave enough background to make the story work.
I like the analogy very much and the way you ended the story was terrific. You also did an outstanding job of putting the reader in the room.
I agree you did a great job of putting the reader there in that room in that moment. Your mc's pain was raw...I could feel it, see it. Well done.
I love the MC's name! ;) Kinda glad I'm not living her life though.

I was hooked and intrigued to discover what the "third side of the coin" was. Very witty and touching at the same time!

Hope that Amanda will learn to embrace the third side of that coin.