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We get tired in the work but not of the work and we will never know in this life the lives we have touched for His glory. Your writing will bless those who read it. I'm one of them.
Praise God for those listener supported Christian radio programs and the deejays! You've given realistic glimpses into who might be listening & affected by those uplifting and encouraging lyrics. I haven't thought much about what the deejays themselves may be going through. Praying for them right now.
Thought provoking piece.

I dilike listening to membership drives, but know it is necessary to keep the station on the air.

Great story.
I like especially the songs woven through the story and the blessings revealed from Christian radio.
This was a brilliant bit of writing. I loved how you showed God knows what we need to hear and makes it happen every day. We just need to listen!
You really enjoyed reading this article. Our Christian radio station goes through this every year, and they're always quick to point out how people's lives can be changed by their songs. Great job, and a great message.
I haven't read too many entries about the radio media.
Seems as if it's almost obsolete in light of modern technology.
This one is a great reminder that radio continues to be a source of comfort and
inspiration to many.
I finally found my favorite of week. I love radio and have had some experience with it. You nailed it right on. I hope this does well, but if for some reason not, know you wrote a first rate, honest truthful story from your heart. Great job!
You did a good job of pulling your reader into the story. Even though there were numerous scenes, it had a good flow and didn't feel chopping at all. We listen to our Christian radio station daily and God has used it on numerous occasions as a source of encouragement. Excellent story.