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This story tore at my heart and when I read it was based on the truth my heart hurtfor the MC more. I hope you can add your Editor's letter link after the judging results have been revealed. Nice job.
Great job of leading the reader on. Not sure if I can
tie the title in with the story line.
Your story had a great flow, and the characters seemed very lifelike. I'm afraid I didn't understand what everyone was so upset about, though. Maybe if I'd seen the MC's article I would have known. You did a great job with a great story. :)
A well written story. The negative response to the newspaper article seems strange, like there is some other bit of information that is needed to make the response understandable. Otherwise, a good take on the topic.
Interesting entry. Would do even better in the 'telephone call' subject, but who knew? As to the media/article...would love to know more why it caused the uproar. I do like the play about truth and the way you presented it. Also, it shows your personal involvement in the actaul happening. I wish you had more words to play with, it would have allowed me to see the back story more. I enjoyed it.
Reminds me of an incident here in Omaha...two kids set fire to a building and a firefighter was killed while fighting the fire. A teenage friend of ours knew who set the fire and reported them to the police...guess who ended up the villian and heroes in this story? Unbelievably, our friend became the villian.

Great job relating this true story. Intriguing, heart-wrenching but also a scary view of where our society may be headed. Lots to ponder here.

Excellent "reporting" here. I'm just sorry your level-headed chaplain wasn't in. The world needs Christian jounalists, for sure.
I really enjoyed this. I was truly in love with a journalist once and she would love this piece. You nailed the character. Great job. Great topic. I loved it.
Incredible that actually happened. Wow.

Total in the moment writing!
Wow... Crazy that this happened. Good job writing it.