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This is a hoot! I love it. I'll be surprised if it doesn't place. Thank you for a little humor to brighten my day.
This was great! I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks for a nice laugh
I thought your interpretations were good - does that make me an idiot?
Ha! I especially liked the grey hair one... Good job.
Very interesting treatment; though I feel that your joke about Ishmael is the kind of cutting remark that should be completely circumscribed!
A hilarious take on the topic! This is a uniquely different piece of work, ideal for those lacking humor. LoL.
This humor has to be the work of only one person. (I haven't read the hints so I'm not sure). I laughed out loud several tomes. You did a great job and I could see this being expanded easily.
Oh, the pastor's kid in me is chuckling somewhat wickedly. LOVED this. Excellent!
Very funy, brave, and well presented. I smiled at some, lauged at others, and raised my eyebrows at some;) Great reader involvement, humor and talent.
My grandkids came running to the computer, looking over my shoulder and asking, "Grandma, what's so funny. Read it to us. Why are you laughing so hard?" Bravo, bravo, bravo. I give you standing ovation for this brilliant piece of literature. Best laugh I've had in a long time.
Very entertaining! I liked the wine turning into fruit juice!
I could see some of these actually being interpreted that way! Especially the holy kiss, the grey hair, and the husband one. I heard once that a druggy used a verse about God giving us "all the green plants to eat" to justify using marijuana. So yeah ...

LOVE the title! It would take an idiot to believe all that, but a very wise and absolutely hilarious believer to write it. ;)