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Really like this one which is bang on topic. Thanks, hope it does well for you.
:) See that? That's me smiling. I like this a lot! I can hear perfectly well, but I still enjoy watching the conductor. A great example of how music can be movement too!
A classic stanza. I've already read it to a friend. So good.

"At last, the conductor raises his arms for the final notes
He holds his wand high in the air as he counts to sixteen
When he drops his arms at the very end
We rise to our feet with thunderous applause"

You wore me out, reading all of this action was a work out. You had me engaged, totally. A great piece of art. I am highly impressed and so glad I did not write a poem this week. I'm rising in applause to this masterful piece, Bravo!
Amazing! I love to watch the orchestra members too,and I can hear what they are playing.
Great job!
Not bad. Nice descriptions. On topic. Well done on the poetry.
Beautiful job! Loved every word.
This was beautiful. I could feel the beat while I read.
Oh, just fabulous. Incredible descriptions. Loved it.