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I particularly liked the realism of the sister's relationship and the way the story progressed. The mended cracked plate was a wonderful symbol for the much deeper concept.
Oh, I like this a lot. I like the parallel between the plate and the sister's situation. And I love the ending.
I'm no expert, and I have not read everything you've written, but from what I have, this is best I have read by you. A very mature presentation. I loved the rhythm of the story. Granted, I am generally not a big fan of "sisters doing dishes and one being pregnant" stories, but you held my attention throughout even when I kind of knew how it was going to end. You have a mad set of skills. And, yes, I liked this very much!
Great descriptions. I loved the last line -- a hug could fill in the blanks. Good job!
Loved how you tied in doing the dishes with the talking. Like the line about dripping out the "so" like the drop on the dish. Brilliant!
A good interesting story and sister conversation but I did see the pregnant bit coming early on. Thanks.
Truly masterful. Loved it. The whole set up. You had me hooked from the beginning. Tension. Conflict. Interesting characters. And totally on topic.
You are very very good at writing. You could easily turn this into a novel and sell it.
Thanks for pointing me to it.
I too very much liked the last line. You have a wonderful, real and edgy quality to your writing. Great job.
I knew the ending was comingbut that didn't make the story any less enjoyable. These things do happen even in a strong Christisn family. You did a great job in dealing with a sensitive topic.
You have woven the anxiety into the flow of this entry with an almost three-dimensional reality. I appreciate any struggle you may have had with how to close, but you have sown hope into an open ending. I love your final sentence, because it embodies the scripture: "Love covers a multitude of sins."
Beautifully done.
Masterfully written by a master writer. Beautiful, sad, entertaining, dramatic, great ending. Sometimes a hug speaks volumes. I know it did for my daughter when she broke the news to us several years ago that she and her boyfriend were expecting a baby. Great big hugs from my husband and me worked then too.
You created tension between the two sisters that was believable. The dialogue was great. I liked the hug at the end, but I also felt that there was enough in the story not to need the pregnancy.
An excellent study in tension. Loved it.
Great dynamics -- I love the metaphor of the broken plates. It gave the idea that maybe the MC had made some mistakes in the past too and she was trying to gently get that across to her sister and let her know that repentance and the fixing of broken hearts is possible, just as it was for the broken plates.

Great writing as usual! :)
A wealth of emotions conveyed in this piece. Superlative job.
I enjoyed reading this one! Thanks for sharing. The writing is wonderful and conveyed the emotions and scene well.
Excellent work! I like the dialogue exchange, the expressed feelings and tension you have successfully brought out in the story. Enjoyed the read thoroughly.
Congratulations on your EC!!!
Rachel, I agree with Henry. You do have a mad set of skills.
This piece is so you. It has such depth. In many pieces we write in FW, we allow the bud to blossom out fully. You have a way of reminding the reader that all buds do not. Some make a half-hearted attempt, some are stunted by outside forces. What a deserving win of EC!
Tremendously awesome job! Congrats on the EC!!!
Congrats on your well-deserved recognition. This was one of my favorites.
Way to go, Rachel. Good to see your name on the EC list. Like I said I think this was one of your better works. Very well done.
Congratulations, Rachel! Loved the story!!!!!!!!!!
This was one of my favorites this week. Congratulations on EC.