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What a great message for the holidays. Thank you. :)
Oh this is really sweet. I'm not that great at poems. I always have a hard time with the rhythm but this was a delight to read. I was hoping the Sir Lonely Guy would come to the rescue. This was a great attempt. I think you should keep writing poems:)
Enjoyed the message, Rachel, and I DO like this piece. No, you're not an excellent poet yet - but you did a fine job

Great images and descriptions. Would love to see this story in prose too. :)
A lovely story illustrating what it means by 'it is more blessed to give than to receive.' Excellent take on the topic.
I'm no poet and often have to slog through when I read poetry, but I did enjoy the story idea in this one.
I was so totally wrapped up in each twist and turn of your story. I love this!
We knew where this was going (or at least where we hoped it was going) but you brought us there beautifully.

Very enjoyable read, great perspective, just fun.

The rhythm sometimes eluded me, but I loved so much of the phrasing. You seem to have a poet's feel for words.

Keep writing.
Congratulations on being recognized now as a poet.;-) The emotions of the poem, the pictures presented, and the message all shine.
eh-hem...I won't say I told you so but...I did! :-D Congrats on your EC!
Super congrats, Rachel!! :)