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Fun article! I love languagest. So far I'm only fluent in two, but hopefully someday I'll add a couple more.
Very informative and illuminating entry, GK. I don't know if everyone really knows John 1:1 in the original koine Greek, but that would be a very minor criticism.
I really enjoy your writing; your irony is quite subtle. I'm impressed by the many languages for which you've achieved some mastery--but, most particularly, your creative renderings in English.
Insightful and delightful.
I so enjoy your sense of humor. It's seldom thatI come across someone as wonky as some say I am. Your story is quite impressive. I can pick up reading in different languages but have great difficulty understanding the spoken word as well as speaking it. Your story as always is a delight:)
Halito, Gregory. Impressive bit of babel.

Enjoyed the geeky and Greeky
parts ;-)

Cool!! I loved see the smatterings of all your languages.
Very interesting read covering so many languages. I was pleasantly surprise when you include the C language. LOL. I agree that too much of foreign language can sometimes turn us to become accented in our own native language. You certainly have adapted well in learning the languages wherever you are, and that's a perfect making of a missionary.
I love your take on the topic! Very creative. I haven't ventured into Greek yet, but Hebrew was my favorite class! :o)
This was a little different from you. I enjoyed it however, learned a few things, and thought the title should receive an A. It was well written too; smooth conversational, easy to read.
I really enjoyed reading about your journey through languages. Your essay came to a good, and amusing, conclusion.
i really enjoyed reading this. the humorous conversational style kept my interest throughout :-)
Absolutely delightful and fun to read. I chuckled several times. Good use of this week's topic.
I must have temporarily fallen off the face of the earth... because I never even saw this topic go by... but you did a wondeful job with it. I enjoyed reading this very much!