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Hmmm - I may need to read this one again to get the full impact of what you're attempting to convey. Very interesting!
It's been awhile since I saw that movie, never read the book. I found the movie starnge, so it goes to say this is out there as well. The use of the clergyman was pretty abstract, but it got me to thinking.
Well done--well done. Indeed, who would want a wife who could think for herself! (However, she sounded at first like she really needed somewhat of an "adjustment.")
This guy needs to realise that behind every successful man there is

an astounded mother-in-law!
Nice application of the original satire.
If I recall, even though the wives were so compliant, things didn't end well for the men. Communication breakdown on steroids. :o)

Great story-telling here.
Hmmm an interesting twist on this one. You had a unique approach to the topic.
I particularly like the part about settling things before going to bed, reminding one another the extent of each other’s love. Yes, we ought always not to let the sun go down on our anger (Ephesians 4:26).

Here’s a thought, however ... is changing our environment good or is taming ourselves to adapt better? As believers, may we in our heart of hearts always seek for the interest of our other half to love and cherish mutually, and never to cross the line in suppressing the other through ‘programming’ to teach obedience.

Interesting read!

You do an outstanding job with your delightful tongue-in- cheek sense of humor. Underneath it all is a wonderful message.