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As a mother of a sp. needs son, I really appreciated this story. When somebody goes out of their way to be kind to my boy, it makes my day - just as you portrayed in your story.

Great writing!
Oooh! I've just been thinking about becoming a mystery shopper. Thanks for giving me a peek at how it works. Glad to know there's a place for special comments too!
I was personally blessed by the kindness of the MC. I wish more people were aware of the need for kindness. This fit the topic beautifully and meaningfully, in my humble opinion. Well done.
You had me going from beginning to end. There's a lot to learn from your story, but grace and compassion really stand out. What a great lesson for all of us.
I had a feeling that there was something "different" about the mother/son, but not sure what. Great story and so true.

I work with special needs kids and adults and know how they can be so misjudged.

Thanks for the eye opening account.
I've done some mystery shopping at restaurants, so I could definitely relate to this. Good job building suspense until the question is finally answered: why is Rose not paying more attention to the next table? I, too, would definitely add some comments at the end of my evaluation! Well done!
I love this story. Your details are wonderful. I was drawn right in and imagined all Kinds of reasons thewaitress might be ignoring the other boy. Your details painted a perfect picture of almost every Denny's I have been in. This is a great story and a wonderful message.
What a tenderly-written story! I was completely taken in once I started reading! Very good job!!
Your story really made me think about how the world treats people with special needs and, more specifically, how I should. Thank you for putting this challenge in an interesting story.
This is very well done, thought-provoking and wonderfully descriptive. Just an all-around, top notch piece of writing.
This was so engaging. You really were so creative with the story, giving it more depth than I thought possible with a word count restraint. I really enjoyed this. Thank you for leaving a comment on my entry. I appreciate the time you took.