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Wow! This is so clever. Who would think of making june bugs the cause of such disorder? Awesome poem:) Hopefully it is only a once in a blue moon even, indeed!
I'm thinking that funny bug does it on purpose just for laughs. Either that or the obnoxious creature is power hungry and does it to show how much control it has over nature. Or it's a scientific experiment to discover the correlation of allergies and June bugs. Do we sneeze when June appears in December? Hmmm?
Bugs in any season give me the willies but this was fun!
That June bug was a blue moon' nuisance; but I like how you've spider real opportunity to have some fun. Thanks for sharing it with us.
I love it.
When June bugs or May flies fail to toe the line -- hibernate. Delightful!
Topically, creatively, and wordsmith-ily brilliant!
Very, very nice job. You deserve big time kudos for this one!
This poem is amazing! This would be fantastic for children because of the fun quality, and stimulating for adults because of the superb writing.

Congratulations for placing in the top 30 overall!