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Clever, imaginative, fun, delightful--What a wonderful narrative this poem is,including the note at the end.
hahaha:) Need I say more?
I thought all red men wore eagle feathers and carried tomahawks. Oops! Thanks for expanding my knowledge base in such a delightful way.
Clever, clever, clever! I just love this fun entry. Whatever tweaked your muse?
Too funny. I read this out loud to my hubby and we both had a chuckle. Well done. :)
Very clever and lots of fun. Did you planet? Did jupiter fleece out to seek guidance? Did it come without warning - or is saturn negative comment?
There are some classic lines in this piece. Your humor and depth touches me. Incredible.
Ha Ha Ha! - great ending!
(Now, is this supposed to encourage kids to eat their beets?)
How cool and clever and funny and mind-relaxing and enjoyable and so very well written and presented. The ending still has me smiling. I enjoyed this and your talent; as always.
Such a fun romp through the galaxy! Loved it!
I am never ceased to be amazed at your creativity! You top the charts every time.
What a clever fun poem. I really enjoyed the unique variety of it.
You have an AMAZING imagination! So much fun to read... every line. Absolutely loved it!
Oh, I absolutely loved this. I giggled throughout. I do have some red ink though-if they only eat beets wouldn't they be pink or purple instead of green? Of course maybe beets are different colors on Mars! But then you did describe them as red orbs [?] Again I love this!
An interesting and enjoyable read! I like the part "When Earth is ..." because it shows the need of the Martian to take earth as a reference even with advices from the almanac. The accuracy of the advice from the almanac is surely questionable to need verification! LoL. Let's make God's Word our reference.
Oh, too cute! Go to the head of the class in creative writing.
Very clever indeed. Well done!