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What a unique take on the topic! Really great sense of detail and your characters were so relatable. Great work!
Good job here with sci fi. I really like your mc.
We will never be out of His reach. Such an encouraging message told in a unique and well written fashion. The stars always facinated me. I enjoyed your story much.
Very nice SciFi entry. You would think that God would feel all the more closer to us the higher into the Heavens we get. Nice job!
Amazing, isn't it, that in the vastness of the universe God knows even the number of hairs on our head. He cares for us, wherever we may be in His creation.
I like this. A touch of sci-fi, but still very relevant, and something people can relate to. Nice job!
Loved your successful attempt at Sci-fi. You brought me off the earth, but not so far out that I couldn't follow what was going on. Great job!
I didn't really get the sci-fi-ish feel to it other than generalities. Could just be me. But you piqued an interest in me of a sci-fi story that proves God's existence using science and creation.

Good job stepping out of your comfort zone and venturing into new territory. Keep searching for multiple voices. You are a talented writer!
I love your creativity! From the name of the species, "Bethatoseans" to when she was "standing on the observation deck of the Galactic Eagle" and could see the 360* view of stars..(I wanted to be there with her.) Can we have another chapter? :)
Very creative angle on the topic. I really think that Christian Sci-Fi is an unexplored field. This is a story that could be developed into a novel. How would a space explorer deal with questions of faith? Well done, and well worthy of a sequel!
I enjoy YA novels so much. I think it's my favorite genre, so I could easily see this being for teens or adults. It did vaguely make me think that with some adjustments this would fit into the next PeP book. I can't remember if you've been apart of them before, but it might be the way to go. I really enjoyed the setting and your details. The MC was perfect too!