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I have few words after reading this. Moving. Powerful. Beautiful.
WOW! This brought me to tears at the point where demons jeered at the cross.

I have no red ink to give-sorry!
A very moving and interesting piece as you give your readers a heavenly perspective on Jesus' sacrifice for us. I liked this a lot.
Excellent. You asked for red ink: when did the 24 hour period begin and end? That wasn't clear to me and is immaterial other than conforming to the challenge. I like the viewpoint you presented.
OH! Wow! This is very good. Loved it - absolutely brill!
Can you imagine being able to help but being held back? Wow! I love your ending.
You presented a viewpoint I've never thought I'll never forget. What an emotion-packed beautiful story. Awesome!
I really liked how the suspense built to the end, pulling the reader along. Really well done.
Wonderfully, wonderfully told. I could literally sense the tense spirit of the angels prepared to act on behalf of their beloved King.
The power of your message seesm to over take all else. I loved the perspective from angels and Heaven. A great narrative. The only red ink would be a a few places were telling could maybe have been subsituted with showing. It' hard to bounce back and forth. But, your writing is superb, very skillful and materfull. I was deeply moved. God bless.
I know how to spell, my keys are sticking this morning.
This is beautiful_ Very well written and an interesting POV. Amazing!
This is beautiful_ Very well written and an interesting POV. Amazing!
Wow. Wow. WOW! I think this is my favorite story that you've written! And you've done some doozies. Wow.

I love the way you captured the emotion of the hosts of Heaven during the time of the Crucifixion. Oh, what agony it must have caused His most loyal servants, and the Father Himself, not to allow themselves to save Him. Thank you for this beautiful tribute to our God Who redeems.

Two thumbs way up, and congratulations on your very well-earned win!
Very beautiful, powerful writing Rachel. Congratulations on your 2nd place EC, it's so well deserved.
Thankyou so much Rachel. As I got to the end, particularly as I read the meaning of Yehovah Gaol, I had such a lump in my throat. Who can begin to imagine those scenes in Heaven but from what we do know, you told and expressed the scenes so wonderfully. Congratulations on your well deserved placing - and all Glory to God.
So glad to see this piece recognized, not only for its approach and the way its told, but the message as well. Congratulations. Loren
Congratulations on yet another EC (obviously you're gifted!) for your wonderful story.
Wow. This is one of the best entries I've ever read. Excellent job writing about the crucifixion from a very differnt POV!

Congratulations! I loved this...could imagine the sad scene from a new viewpoint. Well-deserved win.
Wow, Rachel what an awe inspiring piece. I can't imagine having to watch and not being able to help Christ physically, but the angels rejoicing at the end gave me goosebumps. Congratulations on your 2nd place win.
It's rewarding to reflect on the events behind our redemption from a new perspective. Very nicely done & congratulations!
If only we could see in the heavenly realm all that takes place there. Thanks for a glimpse into what must have been agony for Father and heaven to watch. I like your heavenly perspective. Congratulations on your well-deserved EC.
Thank you! Have learned more of the battle and of course God's way of handling situations.
You had me from the start. What a great idea, executed beautifully. I especially liked the part about human time a nice, effortless tie-in. Congratulations on your EC.
Amazing. In every way. I won't try to say anything else.

I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed this story! Excellent job!
Shivers went down my spine, and it was very hard to breath. Excellent!