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This is a realistic analysis of a changing world, and world view. It is heart-breaking, to say the least, but because nothing surprises God, this new era, too, will see those who earnestly seek Him--and they will find Him. Blessings on those who continue to serve, and to point the way.
I appreciate the full scope of your description of the misery and hope within ministry experiences that are twenty years apart. I also warm to your honesty about your personal questions in your commitment to continue to serve in Jesus' name.
I think every encounter is about learning afresh. The little details like the the plastic gloves and the cell phone really tugged at my heart.
Gregory, you have bared your soul, fresh and raw. Reading this has introduced you to me in such a frank and honest and interesting manner.
Passions change, cool, and grow hot again. That's what sets pasion apart from matter-of-fact service. I go for the passion everytime.
Can't wait to see what next steps bring. Love this piece.
This an incredible story. The first part touched my heart and the second part reminded me of how the world has changed and how it it could impact a volunteer's heart. Bless you for going where and when God sends you.Thank you for sharing I have been a bit down on myself and your words have really helped lift my spirit in a way only God will understand.
Times have changed, methods have changed but the need never changes...hunger is hunger. Great story and insight. I like the way you didn't sugar coat how you were feeling the second time around, you shared your real emotions and thoughts. I hadn't thought about Margaret in years until I read your story. She was a homeless lady in St. Louis sleeping in the doorway of a dress boutique. My friends and I found her huddled in the doorway one night. We weren't there to minister to the homeless (we had just left a woman's conference) but we just couldn't pass her by. We gave what food we did have. I talked to her about Jesus and had the awesome privilege of leading her to the Lord. I left her my Bible as well.
Your writing sucked me into the scene, and your message caught my heart. Well done!
Well written, Gregory. Thank-you. Not much to add as it left me thinking this:
It is a good thing that when God looks at man He sees only his heart. It is a good thing that when God looks at a saved man He sees only a soul justified by the sacrifice of His only Son. If we could only look with the eyes of our Lord to see what He sees. Can a man be fed as easily by a saint wearing rubber gloves as he can by one bare handed? Is it possible to be fed by one carrying a quarter to make a phone call from a booth, as easily as by one using a cell? The vessel distracts us, it is the heart of the unsaved that matters. I think each generation looks to those they can identify with. I'm not so sure how I'd reacted to say John the Baptist coming up to me. But CS Lewis, yes, with him I could relate and understand.
Congratulations for placing 26th overall!