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Lots to think about in this one!
Well written and thought-provoking. I long that Doris will not be drawn away
by unbelief, humiliation or more subtle 'clever reasoning'. Many great Professors will have much to answer for won't they, by causing the young to fall away from the faith (Matthew 18:6)
It is thought provoking. Very well written. Bold and brave sentences. I'm familiar with the gap theory and many others. An interesting read, but I am just glad Jesus got here, regardless if it took 4,000 years or a million. Enjoyed your entry very much.
Made me think! I've been wondering about a number of things lately, none of which is out-of-line with biblical teaching and faith--just things that we won't know for sure till we get to heaven. This was written excellently.
This was deep for sure. I'm glad you made the Galileo correction at the end. I was wondering where that was going. To me what you're saying is, "On either side of the argument, don't take everything you hear at face value. Research, study, pray...use the brain God blessed you with." Well done.
This is a great story. The characters felt so real. I especially liked how you didn't criticize Christians who might have differing opinions. I asked my pastor once if he believed the age of the earth was 6,000 years or something different His profound answer was he could see God doing it either way the numbers of years the earth has been around isn't important as long as we know it was God's plan and believe m Jesus those are the important things.
Great story for "weeks"! (I'm one of those who holds to the six-day-creation/young earth view. :) ) Being a huge fan of personal research, I loved the point you made that everyone should study for themselves and use their own "grey matter" to come to a logical conclusion.

Well done!
I appreciated this story very much. As someone who grew up in a house of "Listen to what we tell you and don't question it," I was amazed by how much closer to God I became when I moved away to college and was encouraged to seek out answers based on my own mind and dialogues with God. Thank you for an excellent story.
What a well thought out piece. It is so important to rely on the Bible and not on man's interpretations of it.

Some questions;however,will never be answered.