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Pickles, yum! And they make for a good story too. Nicely done.
A lovely, uplifting read with an unusual link to the different generations.
Who'd have thought you could write such a great story about Pickles?!! This is so good - I love the links spanning the generations. You make your characters live. Great writing.
Excellent! I had a similar idea, but had no idea how to pull it off. You did though - this is perfect. I love it!
This reminds me of a two book story from Francine Rivers. She takes 1200 pages to cover 5 generations. You did an amazing job to cover 3 in so few words and link them all together. An enjoyable story for sure!
Such a great entry. Brought tears to my eyes. There is such a maturity growing in your writing; a patience to slowly let your story unfold. I love pickles and this story. This would be one of my top pickles, I mean picks, this week. sincrely, a masterful job.

Red ink. I'm normally not a fan of subheads in short stories (poems too), but with only 750 words you don't have the words to waste setting the scene for a time change. I couldn't find any extra words you could have cut. You didn't waste one. I just maybe wouldn't make them bold-faced. Petty, I know, but it seemed to interrupt the flow, for me, of a great story. You see subheads in news articles mostly and they changed my mood for a slight second. This is still one of the two best I've read this week. Just something to think about. Excellent job.
This was incredibly well written. I liked how the story evolved carrying the pickles throughout. Great writing.
Wonderful way to write a story about pickles and impatience and a marriage! I loved it!
Very well done! I had expected to see it rank much higher, but I am glad it was recognized. You are displaying some amazing skills, and always and enjoyment to read. Was glad to see your EC.
I loved this juicy story. The manner in which the pickles brought the different generations together was clever.

Congratulations on your placing.
Patience indeed : ) 53 years to perfect the recipe. There's something to be said about perseverance as well. Great story and message. Congratulations, Rachel