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Oh, this was so sweet! I really enjoyed this, with its country dialect and the sweet, simple thinking of the characters. Great job!
This is so cute! I was expecting something different with the beginning, but the fun twist was great. Thanks for a fun read.
I loved the coke, dr. pepper bit; touching and funny. Great ending to. Smooth writing. I enjoyed it.
Love the title. The characterization of the MC was well done, and the story was fun it felt real. I especially like the main line about loving her the way God loves. Good work!
This was an endearing story because of its simplicity and uncomplicated characters. It was a relaxing read for me--as easy as gently swaying on that porch swing.
I felt right at home reading this slow-paced country store rhythm of a sweet love story. I did wonder if he really ordered the Coke for her or if someone else intervened. I like how he thought he tasted Coke in the end. My husband changed me from a die-hard Helman's mayo to Miracle Whip. Love does funny things like that:)
After reading it again, I caught the quick glance at the ample smile and it dawned on my thick head the waitress set it up. Sorry I'm just slow at times.
Delightful story of true love, shown and felt more than told. Your little details brought it all to life. I really enjoyed this.
Awww...this was so sweet. I really liked how you incorporated the dialect--not an easy thing to do. Nicely done.
Delightful. If that waitress wasn't in the wedding party, she should have been. I'll bet she's still laughing at what she pulled off. Good writing, for sure.
I liked this sweet couple. The waitress was the perfect matchmaker. I like the MCs analysis at the end--real love has no beginning or ending.
Warm Fuzzies right through - or should that be "cool fizzies?" Very enjoyable read.
Lovely. I loved the simplicity of the scene and the ecconomic use of dialogue to get the message across. Wonderful writing.
Sweet and to the point, with lovable characters and a lovely ending. Believable and real.

Tiny bit of red ink-- Dr Pepper has no period after Dr. (If it hasn't already been mentioned.)
Yay for the smiling, match-making waitress! Great description of Alma's "melting" chocolate brown eyes. And the scene on the porch with the moon glistening through the trees and the cool Spring air surrounding the little family ... ah, it's so sweetly romantic!

Great to have you back in the Challenge! I know I missed your writing. ;)