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WOW. Loved it!

As the pace started rolling, everything was seamless. Awesome job!
Very interesting and good. I like the breakdown and the sound it makes as I read it. You should try this more often.
I like this! Very good.
You said so much with few words andyou really nailed the definition in the most picturesque way.
Yes, you're outstanding as a poet, as well as a short story writer. You presented a wonderful message succinctly and beautifully.
I enjoyed the poem. I liked the repetition of certain phrases and the progression of ideas.
Creative way to express the theme. Enjoyed.
A very creative approach on the topic! I like the way you add the verses into the poem to show what's past that extends into the infinity of eternity.
This is brilliant in its simplicity, its scope and its depth, because we can all identify with several of the allusive quotes you have sprinkled through the piece.
Since you requested red ink, a small dab would relate to your view of infinity or eternity as unending; when by definition it has no beginning either.
So easy to get our heads around that one - I don't think.
I wouldn't want to be a judge this week. I've read so many amazing entries, I have absolutely no idea how they choose the winners!

That to say that this is totally awesome. :)

I love how you tied all the eternal moments together with one ... LOVE. God's love is definitely the most powerful, the most eternal force in existence. Awesomely done!