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I can't imagine any worse pain than losing a child. What an outbreak of support this must have been!
This is a nice story. I liked how you paid tribute to the lost children. At first it seemed more sensible to rebuild the school than a bakery, but then as I read on it made more sense. I enjoyed the voice of the MC
I wanted to reread in case I missed something as it is in the middle of the night andI should he sleeping but in in the beginning you mentioned 26 kids died, then in the middle 25, and at the end there were 26 cupcakes. I know how easy it is to do that I've changed my MC's name before a few times actually.!:)
What a great idea for a tribute. I enjoyed your story.
Awww... so sad! And a great idea to help those grieving. The first line you have "to" when it should be "too." LOVE the voice in this story. It made it much lighter to read even with the heaviness of the subject.
I liked the idea behind the story. It seems, and you've given proof here, that when you have an idea that strikes a universal chord, it cannot help but be a success. Sweet things can indeed bring healing.
I like the name of the bakery -- Sweet Things. Perfect. And the outpouring of support and love from the community was touching. Not sure about the cupcakes for the grieving parents. As a bereaved mom myself, the idea of eating a tribute to my child doesn't feel quite right. Every year we get a candle with her name on it. But in line with a bakery, a cupcake does seem more fitting.
Good writing. At first I was worried that you wouldn't be able to keep up the accent and the feel it gives, but you did! Good story written very well.
Well written story. I could "feel" the small town setting. Thank you for sharing!
Congratulations on ranking 28th overall.
I liked reading your story, Lillian...and thought the bakery premise was great! Your writing took me back to about 3 years ago when Greensburg,KS, not far from my hometown...was literally blown away by an EF5 tornado, and lives were lost. Thanks for sharing.