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Great re-telling of this familiar Bible story. You've added such depth with the MC's personal encounter with Daniel. A life-changing experience for sure.
Awesome! Great pacing, characterization. Tough POV to write from. You did it well!
Great writing and a thrilling account of the faithful. Thank you very much for your piece.
Redemption does indeed change a man's outlook.I was right there with your MC. I loved the element of unpredictability. Just a small drop of red ink. In my opinion,:-)although the final sentence is "neatly packaged," it did not do justice to a really great piece.
Excellent pacing throughoutfor a memorable story. (That's the kind I like the best.) You showed the characterization so well by thoughts and actions. I liked as well the contrast between one with faith in the one true God and one without.
Great retelling of the story. I really thought the drip drip reminded me of Jesus' blood and that for me he died. I did think Daniel was BC but I guess I better brush up on my Bible. Nicely done.
This is definitely not an account of the biblical Daniel (in the lions' den), since it is during the Roman empire rather than in the days of Babylonian captivity. The use of a character by the name of Daniel tends to have readers associate him with the biblical Daniel because of the lions' den event. I'd suggest maybe to use another name for the character, such as one of the martyrs under the reign of Nero or the other emperors during the persecution period, such as Polycarp, Ignatius or others. Apart from that, this is an excellent piece describing vividly one who by his faith challenges others to believe in the one true God.
Yet another beautiful piece of work from a very talented author. Huge congratulations, Rachel!
It was very nicely paced, had just enough intrigue and mystery to keep me with your every word, but not over the top to make me anxious. I really enjoyed this. The message was chilling, thrilling and very moving.