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I read this, then read it again. At first I didn't realize it was Jesus she was falling in love with, as I thought the "he" was a doctor. The second read put things in a different light and I enjoyed it that much more. Good writing.
I knew where you were going with this. Very nice job. The only name we have to call out - Jesus! Yes!
Very nicely done.
Your story is filled with emotion and grips the reader. I love your creative take on the topic with this. Wonderful!
Great sense of allegory, of how cobwebs of curiosity can become cobwebs of control; but the power of God is greater - as we choose to draw on him. Excellent work.
Spoiled the alliteration there (and weakened the truth) did I not? I meant cables of control!
Spoiled the alliteration there (and weakened the truth) did I not? I meant cables of control!
Spoiled the alliteration there (and weakened the truth) did I not? I meant cables of control!
An excellent piece written in a very captivating style. Great imagery of impending death showing the dangers we can ourselves into if we choose to stay with the old instead of move on to the new with Jesus as our Lord. Well done!
Very powerful and well written. It can be terrifying to see the 'real' face of the enemy; what appears to be 'kind wrinkles' is in fact hatred of the deepest kind. Praise be to Jesus, our redeemer and sanctuary in the very midst of our trials and, in this case, addictions.
the title told the story in a way and so the reader was aware of hat the tustle was although at first I thought the " he and the they" might have been medication that you were personifying.

I think because the story and how it developed was quite predictable and they as no surpise or twist the story as less gripping than it could have been.

The use of the key as interesting.
Oh, just chilling! The style and cadence were great. The end left me breathless.
The personification of the drugs was excellently done. I loved the ending where they all cringed at the name of Jesus. A wonderful message presented creatively!
Praise the Lord that His name is above all others. Nicely written! I got chills thinking of the spiritual warfare she faced and what we face daily, but Jesus dismantled all of the weapons the enemy has tried to destroy us with when he went to the cross. Praise the Lord, all we have to do is stand on His Word and come against the enemy in Jesus name. "Greater is He that is in us than He that is in the world." Thank you Jesus!
Enjoyed your well-written story. When the demons come after us, Jesus is always there if we only reach out to Him.
This is so beautiful, It feels like you've taken A page out of my life. story. How wonderful Jesus is there Always.

Congratulations for placing 9th in masters and 14th overall!.
Sorry I hit the wrong number you placed 11th overall!