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No wonder you used the title 'Paradox Island.'
That is decidedly what it turned out to be - just an imitation of Eden.
A little bit like life really, as Lyn reflects as she lays down her pen.

I love the idea of the first part. You use some very old english. It's nice but that's hard to pull off.
For example. Would they have had pencils as we know them? And if so, how else would they have sharpened them but with a knife?
The spelling would be different as well, I think.

So, I felt the voice was a bit inconsistent. But some lovely turns of phrases in there!
"sylvan setting" just feels right here. "First Garden" nice.

"We could do nothing more than suck in..." Love that. :)

Second part. Lynn's feelings got tidied up too quickly, in my opinion.

LOVE this-"Was the Christian life nothing more than
mirage?" Perfect for this story.

And I do want to read how it ends! :)
Clever! I love how you use words ("survivors of shipwrecks of a personal kind"), and "paradox" is a favorite topic of my own. I know I'd like to read more of your writing!
I like your use the device of breaking off for life to suddenly imitate art. Some great use of colour and imagery make this a very interesting entry.
Our writing always mirrors our lives well, mine does, anyway. Can't speak for everyone:) Nice job writing this. Just when I was getting into it - you brought me to reality. Yikes! :)