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From one "worrywart" to another - thanks so-o much for this YUMMY recipe! St. Paul reminds us to pray about everything rather than worry about everything....but it is often difficult...
Well done! This is so cleverly written, I will definitely be recalling this one over and over again!
Your analogy recipe is wonderfully well written!
Delightful, I read it with tongue in cheek! :-) Loved the flavor of jest in the whole piece. I don't even think you needed the quotation marks around various words--they were just a mite distracting for me.
Plenty of nourishing stuff to chew on here. Very creative take on the topic.
Interesting! There is some really good teaching in this piece that needs heeding!
Yummy! Such a wonderful metaphor. (The second recipe did very well in my test kitchen!) How very true that what we put in our minds produces either health or dis-ease, just like what we put in our mouths. Good job.
This is a tried and true recipe. Awesome entry, for sure!
This reminds me of the old saying: If you are going to pray, why worry. If you are going to worry why pray. I really like your unhealthy recipe replaced with a healthy one! Needless worry certainly is much ado about nothing…Great job on this!
Very inspiring!
This is a first place winner in my opinion and one I will be adding to my favorites. I could do with a few less bulges too.
This is SO brilliant - its going straight into my 'Favourites' and I hope straight into my heart. Really inspirational. Congratulations on your very well deserved ribbon.
This is great! I often joke that worrying is what I do best. I needed to hear this right now Congratulation on you ribbon!