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Oh, I feel his frustration! If I were Connie, I think I'd be lying pretty low for a while...and then come and tell us how he got his cast!!! Very entertaining, and a good way of showing that we all have different priorities in life, and what's completely un-important to us may just make the day of someone else!
Your story made me laugh. . .and feel so sorry for the mc.
Great story, very humorous! I love how you show interactions and facial expressions & the dialogue is great.

I don’t know the proper grammatical terms for what happened here but one sentence confused me. “Racing toward her, Connie flagged him to a skidding stop.” For clearer meaning I think, “Seeing him race toward her, Connie flagged him…” or “Racing toward her, Kenny saw Connie flag him…” works better.
I enjoyed this very funny story. Kenny was a saint to put up with the female over reaction!
Loved those metaphors, and winced with the grief of your MC. Well done.
I wanted to ring Connie’s neck myself just reading the story…poor Kenney! Her ado about nothing was sure something for poor Kenney! I truly hope this is fiction and not based on a real life event! LOL LOL Very well written – great job!
Congratulations on placing 7th in Masters and 11th overall