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So hilarious! What are the odds??? Thanks for sharing your adventure.

Perfect closing line.
"marquee was court-mandated"...very funny. Loved your description of the first motel...very "holy"..
Enjoyed! Life as its ups and downs and some real life escapades are more whacky than fiction. I couldn't find any red ink in my stationery drawer - but I wouldn't know how to use anyway. Thanks!
Too funny! I like the way you describe the kids by what type of pajama's they are wearing...feet pajama's always do fit the "hyper" kid stigma!

Enjoyed the story and if you come down to my neck of the woods, "I'll leave the light on for ya!"
I think Mari and I stayed at a motel something like this is Kalamazoo, MI! When we told people where we were staying, they looked at us funny. Oboy:) Never again!

Love this story. Life on the road isn't easy, for sure. You portrayed a small piece of it perfectly!
Such a fun story--told delightfully. I love the understatement of the stay in the first hotel.
True story? You've proved that trauma plus time makes for great comedy, and I love the pace and the pictures in this entry. We've all had parallel experiences, and you've reawakened a few for me. Should I thank you? Probably.
Oh my gosh, so many can relate to this funny story with great lines throughout. I enjoyed it...Thanks for sharing. God Bless~
Such a well written, entertaining story and I laughed out loud at the ending line of your dad feeling a "leading" to invest in an RV! Great job on this!