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Great dialogue. Easy to follow and I enjoyed the characters. This would have also been a perfect entry for A Comedy of Errors.
Earl must have been a retired car salesman. That fella closed a hard sale. Definitely a fun read.
This entry had me smiling the whole way through and wondering what the characters might say next! Enjoyable dialogue! Keep up the good work!
Altogether a cute pleasant fun read. Nicely done. God Bless~
Now ya quit preachin' and gone ta meddlin' Earl. lol Authentic dialogue and scenario. Something tells me this was written by someone who knows a thing or two about us geezers.
This was so funny! And a realistic topic for sure as I remember the battle it was to have my parents stop driving! Enjoyed the read and the laugh!
Delightful reading--beginning to end!
Oh this is hysterical! I laughed at every line. I could empathize with Ethel. My family worries about my eyesight but I passed the eye exam with ease. However if I ever mistake sauerkraut for stew I'll hand over my keys. You are brilliant!
Now that's what I call pursuasion, ha ha especially as folks get older. I appreciated this piece b/c it shows a pretty good way to keep your cool and remain loving with the older generation. thanks
Wondren' Iffen I represent this piece!
This is so funny! Thanks for the laugh!
You've done a good job in fleshing out these two characters; especially being able to show the love that existed between them. I liked too, that you've showed that although the body may give out, the mind can still be quick. I liked also that you gave Ms. Ethel the comfort of knowing she'd be in good hands by someone driving the bus. Such assurance is sometimes beyond measure.
What a cute story! Really enjoyed it.
The dialogue was very well done and I can easily see this playing out in houses all around where I live. Nice work.
Congratulations for placing 22nd overall.