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This was interesting and nicely written. God Bless~
This was an interesting read and it made me think how we never do anyone a favor when we let them walk all over us, it is unfair to us and to them. And in this case it let Lettie be comfortable with her bitterness way too long! No matter who it is, people need to face consequences for actions. I like the ending and the caretakers decision. Good job…but para breaks would make it much easier to read!
This is a good story and a great message. I know you are agonizing over the little mistakes, but even though you wrote this late there is a reason God woke you and had you submit it. Someone really needed to read this right now. That's the most important thing :) God bless!
It's never fun being someone else's doormat. Thanks for writing this piece to encourage others possibly going through the same thing.
Yes, the paragraph spacing was a bit distracting, but that aside, you had a good message. I liked the way you used the sun rays and clouds to play into the scene. As I began reading I was reminded of the game: rock, paper, scissors. I say this because it caused me to look deeper into your writing/story. You probably meant lemon juice in an open wound at the beginning, but the image was clear nevertheless. Good job and glad to see you writing.
Bitterness. It destroys the one who carries it and all those it comes into contact with. An important message warning of the dangers of becoming a "Lettie," as well as the difficulties of being in the MC's position.