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Lots of twists and turns in this story. Very well written.
Oh wow. I hope she didn't really poison them...

The ending, to me, seemed a bit open ended. Maybe you intended it to be that way, but I kept thinking "What if it was her? what if it was some slow acting poison?" Though I'll be the first to admit it's probably just my over analytical mind. :D

Great job. I know this is fictional, but non the less, I hope they did read those tracts and respond.
I love the powerful message this brings forth...God will often put people in our path unexpectedly and sometimes through strange circumstances and convict us to witness to them, and if we fail, who knows it could be the last chance they ever have to have heard the truth! Well written!
This in a nice story. I loved the MC she had a lotof spunk.

The ending threw mea little. I had so many questions. Did she make a difference in than lines? Why did they suspect her of drugs? How'd they get a search warrant if she was as innocent as you portrayed her?

But then again do any of those questions really need to be answered? You created a great MC that made me chuckle and thestory had a good message.
I think you have a good premise here but I'm a bit uncomfortable with some loose threads and the MC's sense of self satisfaction. What made the cops suspect the MC? For whom was the coffee hour unforgettable -- the MC? There is no indication that the cops made a connection between an unsuccessful bust and her provocative question. Is her hospitality honest concern for their souls or does she think she did her duty by giving them a tract, much like they did their duty by searching her house (for reasons that are never made clear.)
Interesting take on the topic. The ending did seem a little too abrupt for me. An enjoyable read nonetheless!
Very descriptive; though there a few questions that are left hanging. Could she have actually been a caf-fiend?
This is a well written story. I love how you creatively wove the topic smoothly into the story line.
In addition adding the witnessing through the issuing of tracks to the two officers.
Then chilling ending.

God bless!
I thought I understood your story, but the one line threw me..."I'll put this one drug to good use."

Now I too am left wondering exactly what took place. But you did build up suspense.
I enjoyed this story as I read it with a smile on my face, but the last line made me want to cry.