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I enjoyed this POV for this foamier Bible story. You really brought it to life.

In the first paragraph, you used quotation marks twice. That confused mea but and Ihad to reread it. Although the word cerulean is descriptive it's hard to picture someone using it in a casual conversation.

I think this was an original way to retell this marvelous story. The characters felt real and were likable. It was an enjoyable read and quite creative. I love the title too.
Oh, I liked this.

The last sentence, while a "cute" ending, seems to change the tone too quickly for my liking.

This is one of my favorite stories. But I always call it "When Pigs Flew." :)
Very imaginative retelling of a familiar story. I enjoyed the dialog between the brothers.
You really brought alive the bible story in a vivid and powerful way! Great job on this!
What a beautiful story! I love that quote, "We won't be having fish tonight." Hilarious!
Even though I knew where the story was going I enjoyed the outcome very much.