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This was so very clever, and I loved the references to God and the bible. I particularly enjoyed this part:
"Can always find Me, if they search for Me
With all their hearts.

Saved As….Site for Truth"

This was an ingenious way of using the topic/ subject- and I loved the "searching for Him with all their hearts"

To sum up - "site for truth."
That brought to my mind - "those that have ears, let them hear, and those who have eyes, let them see"

The "site" for me was a play on words - for "seeing" His truth- and following with our hearts. Loved this!

God Bless you~
Interesting poem and interesting take on the topic. Lot of food for thought within. I think our heart-soul-mind combine as one and become search engines that are constantly seeking! I too liked the ending lines of this. I enjoyed the read. Blessings.
Wow! There's a lot going on here. Seems on topic.

Lots and lots to think about. A devotional in free verse and that's good.

It seems a little involved to be clear on flow. But very unique and I'm sure is different to the rest in here. Well done!
Very lovely. The message is wonderful and so true.
Love the line - "Where truth is a many splintered thing." Sadly, it is. Very thought-provoking for Christians and non-Christians alike. Loved this!
Hi Lillian, I love the title. It sets us up for what you are going to say. In fact, it gives it away. Then I get lost in the poem. I think having a clear POV would help. Whose eyes are we looing through? The narrator, the seeker or God? Being clear on that would help I think.
These are things I struggle with too. Clarity, focus and a simple story line. Often I have to throw out 1/2 of my pretty words!!!