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This entry provided a lot of information, and there were clever messages and references throughout. I needed to read it two times to get the full meaning.

Nice job. God Bless~
I read this twice and I still couldn’t figure out in my mind if (1) real rhinos crashed and burned or (2) if it was virtual computer rhinos, or (3) if it was the “rhino” members of the the Rhino-Smarts Foundation! Of course I would have different emotions with the different scenarios. So I honestly didn’t know whether to laugh or cry! LOL This is an amazing poem, and it irks me that I can’t grasp its rightful vision! I will have to check back and see what others say.
This is just hilarious! The writing is as good as it gets. How did you think this one up? Love, love, love it!

Soooo fun to read! I luved it. First the rhinos, then the people, then the computers all had the flu. Delightful read, right on topic and then some.
Okay, I do see it now! When I read it with my fantasy-fairytale eyes and not my serious eyes! LOL The Rhino’s were given a laptop by the foundation and they were having fun with the searches until they came upon rhinovirus and then the power of suggestion had them believing what was not true, but they convinced themselves “burned” with fever and the “crash” heard, simply meaning the herd of rhinos, plopped down upon the plain! So clever and humorous!

But then, you know besides the humor, my serious eyes took note again and I now see a serious message in it too! The rhinos were kind of like an analogy of mankind, given a little knowledge, without Godly guidance, that knowledge can become disastrous! The rhino’s didn’t seek understanding of what they read from ones who would know; they leaned to their own “tiny understanding and so suffered in their misunderstanding! Just like mankind, when he seeks to lean on his own understanding and not God’s truth!

This poem was an awesome masterpiece of brilliant thought and meaning and I missed the absolute genius crafting of this poem first read around and I apologize! Kudos on your artistry!!

What a delightful, fun read. Well done.
This was hilarious. At first I thought people would be helping the rhinos but I caught on quick. Too funny but we are just as bad. Powers of suggestion indeed. Fun stuff.
This was great! So fun, great rhythm, I couldn't wait to find out what happened to them. And a good message for us non-rhinos as much we are the same way!
This is a comical delight. You painted a delightful picture for my tired brain. I enjoyed the word play too. The only suggestion would be you might have used the word crash too many times. I counted 8-9 Crashes in this short delightful poem.
Top notch poetry. Superb - every word was carefully chosen. I loved the last verse.
Cngratualations on a well deserved EC for this delightful poem! (twin!)
I love this Beth, just fantastic with some wonderful rhymes! I have to admit my ignorance - I didn't know a 'crash' was a herd of rhino! but your use of double meanings, eg 'crash' and 'rhinovirus' was just inspirational! Love the humour of this poem! I think my favourite verse was 'Just as they sought to google
Specific grass locations –
Their laptop flashed a message,
Caused arrhythmic palpitations.' Great! Congratulations on well deserved EC.

This is very fun. Excellent title that set us up for a romp with the rhinos, poor babies! Good message about how confusing a glut of information can be.
Beth, you are a brilliant poet; for your precision and humour wrapping itself so cleverly around a solid message. Loved the pun in your title - extremely veld done!;-)
Beth, I just had to check the Editor's choices as I have been absent for awhile and was SOO pleased to see your pieces are still ranking in the well deserved top ten for you and for all of us. God's gift in you and through you leaves me in awe of Him and His love for us.