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Very thought-provoking material, though less computer-focussed than the topic may have requested,, but I've been known to be wrong before...
I enjoyed it. I feel there are many clever ways the term "search engine" can be interpreted-and each person sees it in their own way.

This was a fine job of providing the message and bringing it home in your own personal way. Nice job. God Bless~
This was a beautiful poem about our own internal “search engine” that I too believe, God has placed in all of us. I have often heard it said that the brain is like a computer or the computer is like our brain, so I think the analogy of this works, though if the judges see it that way I can’t say! LOL At any rate I really enjoyed the read and the truth of its message - nothing will bring the content our very being seeks except God!
Maybe it's not the what but the who is my favorite line. Very nice flow and hope it fits the topic criteria.
I love the message of this poem. There's a line or two which I think seems forced. Whether the judges think it took too much liberty with the topic? I don't know. Good luck.

Thought-provoking, indeed. So many, many people are endlessly searching for that joy that only God can give. I hope some of them will get a chance to read this.
This is lovely and so true. It may have missed the topic but it certainly touched my heart.