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I so admire the courage it took to attend and the love of this caring father.
Love this line: you could’ve used my face as a Mcdonald’s fry-warming lamp
This is a great story up until the end. I'm just not happy that the mc is left in a cardboard castle with her Dad waving a white flag while all the kids laugh at her!
I so wanted to click "Slick" in the knee. Excellent writing.
What a touching story! I, too, want to read more. I want to see the MC emerge from her embarrassment and dance proudly with the man who obviously loves her more than life. So sweet and so well told!
Always a sign of a well written piece is the audience begging for when is part two coming out? Seriously...when?
Great job!
Wow, I wonder if this is based on a true story? You know the dad had to have been embarrassed too, but hid it for her sake. She was brave to even go…dad was a saint… and I pray she realizes soon the ex-boy friend wasn’t worth the emotion to be embarrassed over. Great story!
You Americans go big on the proms, it's a wonder that there isn't a letting agency for those without partners - anything is better than a girl going before her peers with papa.
A few typos but an interesting story!
Congratulations for ranking 10th in Masters!