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This is great, and I loved the surprise ending. I thought for sure she was talking to her sister. I'm glad the MC is going to try to start over. :)
Oh yes, I like this. Great twist at the end that wonderfully shows the internal debate we can so often have with ourselves. I'm so pleased that she won that round. Well done.
I enjoyed this story and it's message. I "watched" the MC put her make-up on and don her earrings. Good writing. I will be glad when I "get there."
This is a great job of showing and telling! I am with some of the other reviewers who loved the surprise ending--I was convinced that the MC was arguing with her sister as well.
I like the way you take us right into the argument. I like the nuances of the argument, the drift one way and then the other until the protagonist realizes the truth and says it boldly. I especially like the end, with her seeing herself in the mirror. Great story!
congratulations on your ribbon! Nice job - and well deserved. God Bless~
Nicely done and congratulations. Ending was a complete surprise.
Brilliant writing. Congratulations on placing 2nd.
Great! Truly a battle that rages within all of us if we let our inner thoughts have free rein in our minds.How amazing that people don't need another person to have an arguement with. God is so good and patient with all of us especially at times like these.