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Thank you! This was very encouraging!
Amen. This is a message to remember. Well-told.
I really like your message. I'm sure we are all quite beautiful in God's eyes.

I think it was a stretch on the topic but I also believe God wanted you to tell this story for reasons only he knows. I'm glad you did your job. I especially enjoyed the beginning. You made it seem so real and was a nice transition to Leah.
Most stories are focused on Rachel. I like your point that Leah was used by God even if she wasn't the first choice. Watch out for tense changes in your first part, but otherwise I liked it.
Simply beautiful! I loved this entry. The entire piece resonated truth and heart felt emotions.

I smiled at the MC's favorite Peanut Butter, and Orange Juice in a champagne glass- "have you been spying on me?" Lol.

You did a brilliant job of bringing the topic to life, and I especially loved the biblical reference to drive the point home.

Great job! God Bless~
Making a U turn to let you know how much I loved this.
I love your message! Wonderful encouragement. Just a personal opinion: I felt the beginning about Katie was a little long - the transition into Leah was good, but I'd became attached to Katie by that time. Maybe less on her in the beginning, then write more about her at the end? But I also want to know more about Leah now that you've brought her to life. Overall, really great job. :)
Loved this Lillian. Katie is a charachter you should write more about. I loved her right away.