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Excellent job! I loved it. Congrats on your paycheck from the magazine! Yes!

This touched my heart...simply a wonderful and touching entry.

Thank you. God Bless~
Fabulous work! Well written and fun to read. I was right there going through all those old dusty papers with you. I've done the same sort of thing myself, and can relate.

Loved the title! Thanks for sharing this!

I love that, despite all of the "nots", you didn't let discouragement take over - you never gave up hope - but kept trying and trying again until you found the dream God wanted you to follow. Conrats you your achievement- publication! (Tiny red ink: "county" isn't capitalized.)
I liked your title and how you illustrated it with you entry. I found it interesting that you achieved--not knowing, for sure, where you were going until you got there.
This entry is so inspiring! I often worry as the years of my life fly by that I will someday look back on all my goals that were not achieved. And yet, God does have a plan for every "not." My job is simply to be faithful and available to His work.

Thanks for your enduring faith in His plans. Great testimony here!

Very creative title and excellent job encouraging us all to not give up. Your availability and efforts to meet the needs you see is commendable. Thanks for sharing your journey with us and indeed, it is easy to identify with you.
I loved your opening comment. It was a great hook and I found the development of the theme constant through-out the entire piece. I identified with your process. It was well crafted. Good job.
Absolutely LOVE the first sentence of this. It's TOTALLY a keeper - and I am also a big fan of your perseverance here. Thank you for this!