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Yes, with God we're strong. This story shows the influence a grandparent can have on a child. I can see how this could be made into a longer story.
Such a good story...I was so into it, and praying for a good outcome. Nice job with a happy ending too! Love that.

God Bless~
Who said she died?

Nice twist to bring a good ending. That'll teach me to jump to conclusions.
Beautifully told, and with a twist that I really didn't see coming at all! I am so pleased that you ended it 'happy,' and that Trevor chose the right person to complete his cord of three.

The hardest thing my hubby and I have done is prepare our wills, choosing a couple to be our kids' guardians should the very worst ever happen. We have such a responsibility to our kids, and the youth and kids in our church/communities, to give them a way out from hopeless situations and tell them they will never be alone, no matter what. A truly wonderful story which, I agree, would be a great extended read. Well done.
I really enjoyed this story--beginning to end (especially the end)! You managed to say a great deal between the lines. It was very creative and definitely on-topic.
You hit the bulls-eye with this one! Great job!
Oh, this is great. I love the ending.
A very gripping story, hard to stop reading once you have started! Beautifully written and a wonderful tale. Thankyou.
What a touching story; one I'm sure is plausible in these times. There is nothing I can offer on this entry except how very much I enjoyed it. It had a beginning, a middle and an ending, which for Trevor really was the beginning! Blessings...
I love this. What a fresh take on the topic. I found myself holding my breath.

The only red ink I saw was you needed an end quote after the first paragraph.

The ending was so good. I didn't see it coming at all. There are many hidden messages in here. Trust in God. Do what your grandma says, you're never alone just to name a few. I could read this on a different day and God would give me a different message. That takes true talent and the Holy Spirit.
I enjoyed this so much, Laury. You're a wonderful story teller! And happy endings? Well, they're just the best! Great job.