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What an interesting entry. I loved the story of duct tape and the analogies associated with it. Smiled at the "two year old tornado"

Cute, fun and original. Nice job with this.

God Bless~
Who would have thought...?

Made me want to go out and buy duct tape.

Very good.
I LOVE THIS! What a great analogy between holding each other together and duct tape. Plus the History of duct tape along with. Love it.

Well written, great message plus some interesting facts. Good job; well done.
"Spiritual duct tape"--now that's something to think about. You have a really good message for the church clearly presented in your piece.
Hehehe this is great. The part about pulling a car out of ditch reminded me of the Mythbusters episode(s) on duct tape.
Wow...this one took me by surprise! SDT! Ha! I love it, and I love the message!
This is probably one of the best devotionals I've read in a long time! Great job.
Wonderfuly written devotional. I could see using it in a demonstrative manner. Good job.
Oh I love this. It was so fresh and so on topic. I liked the three types of people too. My husband and daughter are nuts over duct tape too. The opening paragraph made me grin and think of my daughter with her purple duct tape. You did a fantastic job pulling this all together. it is one of my favorites this week.
Congratulations! I just KNEW this had to be a winner, when I first read it!
Can't help but think of MacGyver. Never leaving home without his duct tape. :)

This was fun! I didn't get a chance to read it last week, but better late than never! ;)

Great job!