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Absolutely superb! Outstanding work!

Great job of showing and not telling. Every word seemed to be chosen perfectly, for its full impact!

I so admired the Grandson's loyalty to his beloved Grandpa, something not seen often now days...what a shame.

Couldn't find a thing I could use red ink on!

Truly Masters Level writing!
Loved your choice of words, so descriptive, and intense. I could feel the onslaught of assault. I felt like I was there, being pushed by the mob, right along with the MC.

Excellent writing. Every word measured for effect. I was right there in the stadium with your MC. And thankfully not in the race!
Beautifully written. Powerful and moving...I loved the dedication and love between grandparent and grandchild.

Thank you. God Bless~
Well done! This was gripping, keeping me wondering how it would end. Well written and a good story.
Excellent example of skillful storytelling. I felt as though I was witnessing the entire episode, rather than reading it. Great job!
Loved how your words flowed and painted the scene in my mind as I read it. Well-done.
I was cheering Grandpa on too! What a wonderful image of stamina and perseverance overcoming weariness. Beautiful!
I guessed wrong. Thought the runner was going to have a disability. Good job:)
extraordinary, excellent, wonderful....I love this. God Bless you for your beautiful writing.
A remarkable story told in a remarkable way. I learned a lot here today and thank you for the lessons as well as the read.
If they were judging based on determination and effort, I'm sure the old man would have been a top winner. :) And his grandson was a winner for believing in him ...

Nice job!
I love these kinds of stories, and you presented a wonderful tale. Well done.
This is a delightful story. I had a slightly difficult time in the beginning, I'm not sure why exactly but I wanted to picture the MC running the race instead of watching it, even though I knew otherwise. The ending gripped my heart. I could picture it so easily, the crowd gone, bits of debris on the ground. Most of all I could feel the love and respect brimming over.
Congrats on your win! Cheering for you. :)
Congratulations, Lillian!
Congratulations. God bless~
This is so good I need to write a sermon to do justice to the illustration.

Well written. Well thought out. Thank you for sharing it.