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This is beautiful. I love the idea of the MC talking to himself. In jobs like that it is so important to take a step back and not get burned out. I'm sure you have noticed it yourself by now but near the end you have your instead of you're. Delightful, fresh take on the topic.
What a delightful read! Love the way the MC talks to himself--and answers. LOL He recognizez his own problem then counsels himself. Love that---.

Well done, from top to bottom. One miss-spell, but I'm sure you saw it by now. *) Good job!
This was so ingenious. I loved the running internal dialogue. Great moments of wit and a very good entry.

I loved it! Thanks.

God Bless~
Well written. The conversation with himself was a great device. And it seemed God was working his thoughts into the conversation. I enjoyed it.
loved it, loved it, I could go on reading about this should make this into a book...God Bless
Fancy talking to yourself.

I know, but it works. Doesn't it?

Well, yes but...

Excellent. I loved the change in dialog when the wife came on the scene. I agree with an earlier comment. This couple should be in a book.

Thank you.
Congratulations for placing 12th in level 4 and 19 overall!
Great portrayal of how jaded we can easily become with the constant needs of people who could slip through the cracks without our help.
I like the lighter touch coming through as well. Excellent work, though my inner editor gasped at "your crazy' - which should read "you're crazy."
Unless it was your own silent protest at so often finding an apostrophe where it should not go. This irkís puristís like me for it insertís itíself within pluralís or present tenseís and turnís them into possessiveís.
If it was such a protest, you have my full support, and your effort's should not go unrewarded!