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I had to come and see if this was a deliberate typo. So glad I did. Excellent article, both for content and writing skill. Having been victim to both kinds of poison I can say from sad experience the spiritual variety is the worst of the two. Thankfully, though, there is a cure and it is called grace.
I loved this whole thing...Great job with this entry. Clever way of bringing the topic forward. I especially liked this:
" But if our motives are pure and our hearts are humble, we can help each other, not only to avoid spirutal food poisoning, but to see our spirits mature and start feasting on the meaty bits of God's Word."

Thank you. God Bless~

This is a wonderful devotional. You are right. We can't accept blindly what we hear; especially during these times. There are many false teachers out there. Good job!
Excellent job with this article from the humorous predicament of the food safety experts to the more serious situation facing each of us. I loved the construction, the great alliteration and the concise point you make. Great job!
This is good.

I would have started with the actual headline, rather than the line about reading the headline. It's a more compelling hook.

There are some great reminders here. Loved the story about the food poisoning. :)
This is why it's important to keep our conscious contact with Jesus fresh. He alone is my guidance. I go to church to worship Him, and sometimes I have to remind myself the preacher, while a man of God, is only human. This is excellent!
You have very good points in this excellent devotional, and a great lead-in as well.
Powerful message in this easily digestible piece! As with both kinds of poisoning, the indicidual needs to be willing to take the question to task. If something tastes a bit odd, don't just swallow it; at least, leave it alone. In truth, in both cases of poisoning, it is much easier to just let it go and regret it later. Excellent article, well done and interesting read.
I love this story! The food poisoning is such a great analogy, and is an interesting way to present an important principle.

I really enjoyed reading this piece!

Congrats! God Bless~
Congrats on being 6th! God Bless~
Oops! SO SORRY....Congrats on being FIFTH!!!! I pressed too quickly without my reading glasses! SORRY.

God bless~
Oh, I love this one. What a great message about possible spiritual food poisoning! There are so many different doctrine out there, we really do need to be careful. Sometimes I think it's possible to be infected with spiritual food poisoning and not even know it. I take comfort in the fact that just as the people in the book of numbers looked to the brass serpent to be cured of the poison of their snakebite, so can we be cured of such poisoning if we'll look to Jesus!

Congratulations on your placement!
Simply loved your article Helen.
The comparison with real and spiritual poisoning was brilliant!
The entire article was well thought out and executed.