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Very deep and profound. I was drawn into this entry immediately. Great job with this. Thank you.

God bless~
What a dream! This would be a great witnessing tool for the unsaved to read! I like that you awoke before the decision was made…that leaves the reader pondering the decision in their own mind. Powerful, well written piece!
Wow--this is excellent writing in all regards. From start to finish this entry was laden with food for thought as each subtle message was conveyed. This story grabbed my attention immediately and never let it go. I also liked the open ending for the reader.
This is truly excellent writing. The topic was certainly covered; the story flowed seamlessly, and your descriptions are beautiful and meaty (pardon the pun!). It was so easy for me to form a mental image of the scenes you were describing. I, too, agree that this would be an excellent witness, not only for the unsaved but also for Christians. I think this would especially speak to teens/young adults; if done well, it could be performed live and would pack a powerful punch.

I think my favourite line was about the shame that Foolishness gave to every guest as they left. This is so very true and does so much damage, to our relationships with others, with God and our own self esteem, too.

You have a wonderful gift from God with your writing; I think this piece alone could make a massive difference for people in so many walks of life. Blessings, Helen.
Excellent! I love your descriptions of the parties - you gave each a different "feel" through your writing. Creative and entertaining with a wonderful message.
Oh, this is great. I do, however, want to know what he chose...
I really enjoyed this clever tale. You did a great job of coming up with a clever way to give wonderful advice. I enjoyed it from beginning to end.
This is certainly out of the box. Good job!
I can see what this would be enjoyed, not only by a 12 year-old, but any attentive reader wanting to follow along and see how the vices and virtues work out in a practical manner. Nice story line and excellent job telling it.
Intrigue--you had me completely entranced with your story. You get top marks from me in creativity with this. Love it!