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Oh this was so touching, it gripped my heart. Excellent job. God bless~
I agree entirely with the sentiment of this entry, and expressed in such a cute poem. An original take on the topic too. Well done.
This is a beautiful poem. I loved the flow, it was so easy to read and understand but also beautiful. The note at the was great too. My mom started a "bread program" for our local community. It took a lot of doing but she finally convinced the stores to donate baked goods instead of tossing. There are so many laws that stop people from giving good food to those in need. Last year my in-laws went out of town and there was tons of fresh produce rotting in their garden but the laws wouldn't allow me to get them to the needy. I did find some needy families to give them to, but it was a shame. Great message and right on topic.
Having worked in a ministry for almost 20 years, there are many stores that donate outdated and damaged groceries. We received many such items. The reason many don't is the fear of law suit if someone claimed food poisoning. I can attest that no one ever became ill from these donated goods, and it is a shame more places don't share. I loved this story! One of my favs. God bless!
Congratulations for ranking 9 in Masters and 13 overall!