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This piece speaks to my heart. Having spent many years working as a church secretary, I know that most people look for the 'candybar church.'

Well written, presenting a serious issue in modern day Christianity; the need for healthy "food." Well done! You presented a real dilema, explored the issue in easily understoon terms and resolved the problem by highlighting truth.
Great devotional. I couldn't agree more. The only tweak I would suggest is to delete, "Let me explain." at the end of P#5.
A jarring and compelling commentary. Nicely done, and well written. God bless~
Oh this is good, and what a message! I saw a commercial for a face lift outfit yesterday and the woman said "I feel good about myself again!" So do I, but it didnt involve surgery. Just faith.
Excellent entry.

God Bless, Lynn
A lovely devotional with sound facts which I couldn't agree more with.
"God is good because of who he is" - love that! How easily we are tempted, as you said, to only choose the sweet, not realizing the eternal significance of the not-so-sweet. Very thought-provoking!
Very true thoughts and really well expressed. Thanks.
Oh wow. This is good. You definitely give us some good (FRUIT good, that is ;) ) to think about!
The message here is so true and to the point! Your phrase "Candybar Christianity" is very apt--unfortunately. Thank you for warning us of the dangers of this type of religion.
This is an outstanding devotion. I must admit, I often don't read titles and when I came across the phrase Candybar Christianity I thought wow how perfect. This is something everyone can understand at some level or another. You touched my heart with your words.
Congratulations Helen on your win with this superb entry. Well deserved.
CONGRATULATIONS on your 1st place win with this excellent and insightful piece!! :)
Very well written and so true. Good job! Congrats!
Beautifully written and your line "His Word needs no repackaging; nothing we can do will make him more palatable" is so appropriate! Well done and congratulations.
Your gift for using just the right words and phrases shines throughout this excellent piece of writing. This entry can be easily understood by every reader, no matter where they are on their journey of faith. Congratulations on your well deserved first-place wins.
Congratulations on your win Helen. As I said before - a great piece of writing with a great message. Well, I said something like that. Well done!
Many years ago it seems to me that God was scary and hell was real. Today the pendulum is swinging the other way. All this is confusing, but your devotional has enlightened me in a beautiful way. Congratulations!
Nicely done. Congrats.
God Bless~